Gambrel Roof Popular Construction Barn House

Feb 7th

Gambrel roof – A sloping roof is a fluted roof that has two slopes on each side – one pronounced above, one shallower one. It received its name because its shape is said to resemble the back leg of a horse, which was once referred to as a “butcher’s hook.” Gambrel ceilings are common to certain types of houses and barns, especially those built in the prominent Dutch colonial style in the Hudson River valley. These ceilings have several advantages.

Innovative Gambrel Roof Style
Innovative Gambrel Roof Style

Gambrel ceilings were originally popular because the lower steep slope allowed maximum headroom, giving homes a full-sized loft space to be used as an attic or guest room. The addition of skylights, common to gambrel roof adds even more space. In addition, frames that support a sloping roof allow more space between them than traditional beams. Gambrel ceilings have a complex, but visually pleasing symmetry that lacks certain other types of ceilings.

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The hipped roof, with its four long, shallow slopes, and the gable roof offer little in the way of visual interest, while the gable roof and the mansard are often too busy. The gambrel roof, with its two crooked lines, offers a statement that it is simple but elegant. Camales remains relatively simple to frame and construct. Traditionally, a butcher’s hook roof makes use of two beam systems joined by a horizontal nailer in the center of the roof.