Tips To Build a Driveway with Belgard Pavers

Amazing Belgard Pavers

Amazing Belgard Pavers

Belgard Pavers – If you have a new or existing driveway that needs to be laid with concrete but you are nervous about the price of cement and labor costs then maybe you should consider paving stones. If pavers your driveway does not require cement truck pulling up to your house also does not require a skilled and professional group of workers. If paving stones is something you can do yourself. With just the right guidelines and equipment, your new driveway is only a weekend.


Remove old driveway material. Clear the area until there is nothing left but dirt foundation. Dig out driveway to a 12-inch depth. Determine surfaces in the driveway. For example, if your driveway is 10-by-10 feet then your square meter will correspond to 100 sqm. Feet. Determine the number of Belgard Pavers you need for your driveway. To find this number, you must multiply the project area by the number of paving stones per square foot. It is important that the base is the level before each new layer is added.

Determine 3/4-inch steel tubes in a parallel manner, approximately three to four feet apart. After all, the area is laid with pipes, filling the area with smoothing sand. Use 2-by-4 inch aboard as a puller to flatten the sand back and forth until smooth and smooth. Remove the tubes after the sand has been laid and smoothed out. Don’t go on flat sand when it’s leveled. Because of this, you have to put the pipe and level sand one section at a time. Start paving stones in a position where you will not have to step or walk on a flat and smooth surface. Once the Belgard Pavers have been laid you can walk on them, but do not walk on the base / leveling sand until the paving stones are down. For places where you do not need an entire pavement, use a masonry saw or chisel size shredder for the dimensions you need.

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